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  • Image Typhoon 2008  v.3.2.4A image search and display program that can access images from the internet. Using a keyword to search and clicking go it will find literally millions of relevant images from multiple sources. Results are returned instantly. Free to try.
  • DTSysView Pro  v.3.31DTSysView Pro 3.31 is designed to make it easy to monitor your system and tasks. It features managing running applications using Application Toolbar, Optional Application Toolbar, menu displaying styles, Memory display (program memory, RAM storage ...
  • Media Devout  v.32Media devout is a lyric display program written for laptops with a dual head display. It is specifically designed for churchs as a free alternative/replacement for expensive counterparts. Devout is for Windows users, is written in Visual Basic and ...
  • Windows Tail  v.0.2.1Windows Tail is a C# program which functions as the UNIX tail command.
  • Audio CD Tools  v.1.0What is Audio CD Tools?
  • Simple Worship  v.1.2Simple Worship is intended for displaying lyrics on a screen through a computer-driven projector, but could be used for other types of presentations.
  • Ten Quick Questions Pro  v.6.0.03It can practice of specific mathematical topics all of which have sub categories.
  • Advanced StartUp Supervisor  v.1.1Advanced StartUp Supervisor is a powerful utility for managing start-up applications, remove spyware and viruses, and improve your system performance. If you discover a dubious program in the start-up program list, you can easy stop it and prevent ...
  • BlazeVideo HDTV Player Professional  v., record live TV/teletext program or listen to digital radio, dvd playback ...
  • Display Resolution Manager  v.3.0Disputing display resolution and brightness options with your colleagues or kids? Stop the squabbles with this program! This is a utility that allows multiple users sharing a computer to set their own display resolution, gamma,brigtness and contrast.
  • MIDI Display  v.1.0The MIDI Display is a program consisting of 16 Virtual Keyboards, one for each MIDI channel. As notes are played they are displayed on the corresponding channel in varying shades of blue; Light blue for the softer notes and dark blue for the loudest.
  • File Restore Program  v.3.3Get and try file restore program that can easily restore deleted files as well as restore shift delete files without puting hard efforts.
  • Free Permutation Program  v.1.0The free program Permutation reorders the elements in the sequence. This program generates all possible arrangements for example, if the user enters the word oasdo, program will display all possible variants ads, asd, das, dsa, sad, sda.
  • Program Lock Pro  v.2.14Lock and unlock any program on your pc, including IE, Outlook, AOL, AIM, and more. You can even lock your control panel with one button click. Other features include the ability to choose your own message to display if anyone attempts to run one of ...
  • Blitz Caller ID Display  v.4.6Program "Blitz CallerID Display" - CTI application 3-d party for PBX Panasonic KX-TD/KX-TDA, which allows to display the number of calling subscribe on EXT line or number dialed from it. The information is given as the liquid crystal display of the ...
  • Hf - linux ham pactor soundcard program  v.1.0hfterm - linux ham radio soundcard digimode program, can monitor and transmit PACTOR I (unique !), also AMTOR, GTOR, RTTY. Based on hfkernel by Tom Sailer, with graphic interface (gtk+), spectrum display, logbook, textmacros, English and German ...
  • VISCOM Digital Signage Display Software  v.8.17AV Manager is a Digital Signage, Multimedia display, Digital Video Management software which can operate multiple display units ( plasma, LED, LCD displays, VGA projectors and video walls).
  • VISCOM Digital Display Software  v.8.23AV Manager is a Digital Signage, Multimedia display, Digital Video Management software which can operate multiple display units ( plasma, LED, LCD displays, VGA projectors and video walls) ...
  • Cellular Automata Visualization Program  v.1.0The Cellular Automata Visualization Program - is a program to visually display the evolution of a 2D cellular automata.
  • Serial Display Writer  v.1.0A Perl program to write characters (eg. a lot number) to an alphanumeric display via rs232. Includes Java Swing GUI. Developed for production in pharma industry. Currently two lines included. German version.
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